Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks to Missy with Lorelai Roark for adding a link on her blog to me. Check her blog out at http://www.lorelairoark.net/. She's super talented!

Last week my mother-in-law and I drove over to Cabot to take some pics of our new baby cousin, Graham Sumner Clark. I posted some candid shots from the hospital several weeks ago. Here's a few from our photo session. He was my first newborn so it was a learning experience :)

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Lorelai Roark Design Studio said...

oohh....babies!!! my fav....thanks for the mention, that was great! If you want to email me at roarkdesignstudio@yahoo.com, I'll get you all set up with a watermark dealy thing-a-ma-bobber, lol! You can tell me if you want just text or if you'd like me to try and get your logo as the mark! Look forward to making it;)