Friday, May 29, 2009

apple pie

Last Thanksgiving was my first holiday to contribute to the food spread (since I'm now married and that's what married people do) and my food assignment was a dessert. I was at a loss of what to bake. My mom gave me a recipe she had for Upside Down Apple Pie. It didn't seem that hard so I gave it a shot. My first apple pie was a tasty success! But it looked ugly. My father-in-law told me the only apple pie he would ever eat was his mother-in-law's and since she passed, he hadn't eaten apple pie...until mine, who cares what it looks like.

Ever since that day they all look ugly - the kicker - you put it together upside down and have to flip the pie after it cooks. Every time I flip, it always falls apart.

In an attempt to satisfy my father-in-law's cravings and to clean out my refrigerator before the big move, I spent Memorial Day afternoon baking. And voila! It didn't fall apart, was so pretty, and was supppper delicious!

Friday, May 22, 2009

While most of you will be out having fun celebrating the three day Memorial Day weekend, I will be doing this.

PACKING. Thankfully my gracious mother will be in town to help.

Think of me while you are at Riverfest, floating, or just having a grand ol' time. I would much rather be with you I'm sure. Packing, I've learned, gives me headaches. And an aching back.

But, I'm not complaining. My new house will so be worth it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

complete shock

I saw this photo online this morning and it made me laugh...thought I'd share. His facial expression says it all.

I will go on to say that Adam was a very talented singer and some of his performances were awesome, but I think his beliefs and morals may be a little far from what mine are. The cutie from Conway is humble, a good, wholesome Christian and I'm proud of America voting him as the next American Idol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

brighter than sunshine

As I sit and watch American Idol I am blinded by the pictures I'm editing. They are so bright! I haven't worked for the talented florist Tanarah in a few months and was excited to see what she had come up with for this wedding reception at the Clinton Library. I felt like I was at a Pleasant Grove highschool reunion...our colors were black and gold...although the gold always seemed to lean more on the yellow side than gold. That's beside the point.

(pause....announcing American Idol results)

AHHHHH! Kris Allen...from Arkansas....won!!!! Arkansas alone had 38 million votes. Amazing. I am so happy...although I probably shouldn't be this happy over a singing competition. But I am.

Kris Allen + Keith Urban...need I say more?

Ok. Back on track. Here's the pictures from Saturday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bottles and curls. diapers and pearls.

The Fab Five hosted our first baby shower on Saturday for Katie and baby Molly....technically four of the fab five. We are excited for Fab 5.1 to make her debut into the world in late June or early July, and can't wait for girls weekend with the babe...hopefully with mom too, but I think she is already tempted to drop Molly off with us and go on a weekend getaway!