Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new blog

In the past month or so I have decided to separate my personal blog posting from my photography blog posting. So, jump over to keeping up with the kellys, my new personal blog!

I'll continue to post here too about fun photography stuff so don't forget about this one!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Park Street Market has a HUGE announcement this week! We now offer online shopping at http://parkstreetmarket.com! I will start by saying that there isn't the whole store to choose from yet, but products will be added weekly. We are also having a super sale this week to clear up some space for our new items that we will purchase at market next weekend and those items will be added as soon as they arrive. Have I ever mentioned I love my job? I hope I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy my little gift shop.

Along the theme of HUGE announcements, the Kelly's have one too (no, not babies)! We are set to close on our sale of this cute house next Friday (probably Monday at the rate the bank is going), which means we can start building the same day! We finally got word from our buyer's lender today that we can close next week. I am jumping out of my skin excited!