Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well, I finally am posting a few of Amy's bridal portraits. She looked beautiful! Who would ever known we had just rolled in town from her bachelorette party two hours earlier :) It was rather chilly...the middle of December...but she was a trooper!

Next session - Matt's cousin's two little girls, Maggie and Emma Kate - so adorable, really looking forward to it. Their little duck hunter brother will arrive in June so I've got to brush up on my newborn skills!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Congratulations to the Hogs for making it to the SEC Championship game tomorrow. Matt is still on cloud nine after the win tonight and I'm sad because the Aggies lost today.

Here's a few engagement photos of Amy and Scott. They got engaged July 4, 2007 and got married on January 19. I'll post some bridal portraits of Amy in the next few days. Trying to get my blog caught up!

in the beginning...

Well, I've started the blog. Hopefully this will help my aspiring photography business take off. Just got my new logos created, one of them above, I love it! Here's a few pictures from my first client...almost 9 months ago. Thanks to Lynlee for letting me photo Ava to get some practice. Considering this was my first shoot, there wasn't much editing done. Might have been if I had Jordan's husband who would help me! Still think they are cute - I eventually got better - I'll post Amy's engagement and bridal pics in a bit. For now, gotta clean the house. Happy Saturday!

*ava harvey*