Sunday, April 11, 2010

lily in the daffodils

Since I moved to Arkansas I've met and become friends with several great girls.  And we all have farmer husbands so we have a lot in common :)  One of my best friends has this precious little girl, Lily Beth.  Brea, Lily and Aunt Whitty took a day trip to Wye Mountain to the Daffodil Festival to take a few pictures.  The daffodils were so beautiful, but little tomboy Lily liked the weeds better!


TheEnchantedLocket said...

Beautiful photos!!


Apurva said...

The little girl, Lily, is definitely more beautiful than the 1000 daffodils taken together.

Nice Pictures.

Anonymous said...

Farming is the life to live! Beautiful pictures!!!

Chelsea Leann said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing!! that lil girl is so precious:) and very photogenic lol